Tea Infused Water Bottle


Our objective has always been to reduce the use of plastic and provide to our customers a bottle that can be used in every day activities. Each bottle is designed with elegance and functionality at the core. Critical aspects to the bottles have been carefully thought out to ensure your bottle remains the best on the market. Our double wall insulation & vacuum technology ensures that when you fill your bottle up in the morning, its temperature will remain consistent throughout the day. The wide mouth allows you to drop full sized ice blocks, large fruit cuts or protein scoops easily into the bottle. Each bottle is coated in a non slip matte finish which prevents condensation and adds an extra layer of insulation - all while maintaining an effortless classy look. Each bottle comes standard with a short tea infuser, with the option of purchasing a deeper tea/fruit infuser at checkout. Envi Bottles are made using BPA free food grade 304 stainless steel which makes them durable and resistant to corrosion, thus making Envi products a healthier choice. We made it our mission to provide our customers with a bottle they will love and rely on.

Environmentally conscious.

Consciously the centre of Envi.

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